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EcoFoot2+ Secures 300 kW on Merton Community School District

December 02, 2019  |  Boulder, CO

Wisconsin's Merton Community School District and installer SunVest Solar recently completed a 300kW installation. With projected savings over 30 years of $1.4 million, the investment save the school district more than $40,000  in annual operating expenses for years to come.  

Secured to the roof by EcoFoot2+ Ballasted Racking, solar arrays were installed at the district's two schools, Merton Primary and Merton Intermediate. The project was made possible in part with grants by MREA  Solar on Schools program, which is funded by the Couillard Solar Foundation, and Focus On Energy, an energy-efficiency and renewable-resources program funded by the state's utility companies. 

The project is the result of the collaborative financing enabled by a combination of school district financing with foundations and utilities supporting through grants.

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About SunVest Solar

SunVest Solar was named the No. 1 Solar Contractor in Wisconsin and 24th Top Solar Developer Nationwide on the 2019 List of Top Solar Contractors by Solar Power World. With over 7MW of total installed capacity in 2018, SunVest is experiencing tremendous growth. The company's mission is to achieve American energy independence by focusing on cost effective solutions for our customers, sustainable environmental stewardship, job growth and educational advancement.

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