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Ecolibrium Solar to Exhibit at Three Regional Events

June 19, 2019  |  Boulder, CO

Ecolibrium Solar features racking solutions to fit any pv frame thickness and every roof surface at Solar Power Texas, Wisconsin Energy Fair & Sebane Summer Solstice.   

Products featured include: 

  • New MetalX Racking for metal roofs, the lowest cost racking available for metal roofs.
  • Industry-preferred EcoFoot2+ Ballasted Racking for low-slope roofs, the easiest, fastest to install racking on teh market.
  • EcoX Universal, the No. 1 Rail-Less Racking for pitched roofs, which requires enables 33 percent fewer attachments and components come fully assembled right out of the box. 

The company's exhibit features new MetalX for metal roofs, which paves the way to thousands of efficient installations by removing the headaches and costs that typically go with metal roofs.

Key advantages make it easy and fast from start to finish:
Easy to plan: Ecolibrium Solar project managers do the design for you, eliminating the guesswork and wrong attachments that are so common with metal roof installations.
Easy to install: The XClamp, combined with popular attachments for corrugated, standing seam and R-panels, simply slidse into place.
Easy to transport and load onto the roof: No rails are needed and components are small. 
Easy on the budget: With 73 percent less aluminum to haul and install, MetalX delivers the lowest cost per watt.
Easy fit: Clamping range fits 30-50mm Modules.

Get a first look at MetalX at Solar Power Texas, Wisconsin Energy Fair or Sebane Summer Solstice. Or contact us today at 740-249-1877 or [email protected] to find out more and get a quote. 

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