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Project Spotlight: Largest Rooftop Solar in Midwest

January 08, 2019  |  Boulder, CO

Ecolibrium Solar published the first of its Project Spotlight series which is designed to keep installers and developers up-to-date on notable installations. The first issue features the Midwest's largest rooftop solar installation and the case study prepared by Illinois Solar Energy Association. 

When Magid Glove and Safety decided to install the Midwest’s largest rooftop solar installation, companies across the state of Illinois got to work making it happen.

Among those companies were installer Continental Electrical Construction Company (CECCo) and developer Convergence Energy.

CECCo chose Ecolibrium Solar’s EcoFoot2+ Ballasted Racking System to secure more than 10,000 solar panels on the roof  for Magid Glove and Safety's 3.5 MW installation.

The 3.5 MW installation converts more than 600,000 square feet of roof space into solar power, offsetting 100 percent of Magid’s daytime energy load. The scope of the project and number of companies involved was significant, as demonstrated by the case study and video produced by the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). 

Get the details and see photos in our project gallery.  

See the full impact of this project on Illinois companies in the video and case study produced by the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). Video footage was provided by Magid Glove and Safety and Continental Electrical Construction Company.

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