Now you can build more powerful rooftop solar systems with power-packed, fully supported, cost-saving solar racking that delivers a non-stop installation process right out of the box.

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Rapid installation process, universal design, and the best service in the industry

An elegantly simple solution optimized for the user experience from design through installation.  EcoFoot2+ leads the ballasted solar racking market with a fast, simple installation process.

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Lowest Cost Per Watt, for Corrugated, Standing Seam, and
R-Panel Metal Roofs

Eliminate the headaches and costs of metal roof racking with small components and 73% less aluminum. MetalX is easy to plan, design, transport, load onto the roof, and install.


Watch the Latest in Simple Racking Solutions

We’re celebrating 1 gigawatt of solar arrays installed with Ecolibrium Solar Racking. Thanks a billion to thousands of customers and installers.
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Watch MetalX in action. With 73% less aluminum, the simple design delivers the lowest cost per watt racking and is easy all the way around.
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Watch how easy it is to install EcoFoot2+ and key features noted by installer Ecology Solar.
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See how simple it is to get 18.4% more power with the New High Density EcoFoot5D 5-Degree Ballasted Racking System.
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Find out how the EcoFoot5D met the density requirements and enabled this installation by SolarGaines to move forward quickly.
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Discover the benefits of Simple Racking Solutions for commercial and residential. Click on the images to view the brochures. For technical information go to the Product Support page for EcoFoot5D, EcoFoot2+, MetalX, EcoMount or EcoTray.

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with Our Free, Easy-to-Use Design Tools

Use our design tools to get an immediate project layout, engineering documents and initial bill of materials. If you need additional assistance, please contact us or request a quote.

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Design Flat
Roof Projects

Design your flat-roof project with the new EcoDesigner.

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Over 1GW of Ballasted and Rail-less Racking Installed.

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Commercial Projects Gallery

Commercial Projects Gallery
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Residential Projects Gallery

Residential Projects Gallery

Featured News

Unirac Acquires Ecolibrium Solar, Expanding Solar Mounting Offerings

July 07, 2020  |  Albuquerque, NM

Unirac, North America’s leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic mounting systems, has successfully completed the acquisition of Ecolibrium Solar, a prominent solar racking manufacturer headquartered in Athens, Ohio.

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Industry Certified, Third Party Validated

Ecolibrium Solar provides proven solutions backed by satisfied users, industry certifications, and third-party validations.

Faster intallation, lower costs

Elegantly simple, cost-effective, and installer-friendly products that maximize solar installation efficiency and minimize costs.

Full Service & Logistical Support

Our world-class, market-shaping mounting solutions are delivered with unparalleled service and support by dedicated, expert staff.


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