Small Footprint. Big Power.

5º Density. Built on the Speed & Simplicity of the Industry-Preferred EcoFoot Platform.

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The New High Density 5º Racking System

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The Simplest Way to Max Out Your Roof.

Preassembled & Ready to Go.

EcoFoot5D delivers preassembled parts and an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go installation that is unlike any other flat-roof racking. The result is a seamless installation process from start to finish, saving on time and minimizing job-site impact.

18.4% More Power.

Small 7x16.7” roof-friendly modular Base and dense 9.9” inter-row spacing enables a tightly packed solar array that delivers 18.4% more power than 10° systems. Whether your roof is small or large, EcoFoot5D provides more power, lowering cost-per-watt.

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Cost-Saving Logistics & Support.

Stackable bases enable a huge per-pallet shipping capacity. Fewer pallets are required, minimizing shipping, storage and onsite crane use. Dedicated engineering support prevents issues before they happen and provides quick solutions if obstacles arise.

Discover Simplicity and Density with the new EcoFoot5D 5˚ Racking System

See how simple it is to get 18.4% more power with the New High Density EcoFoot5D 5-Degree Ballasted Racking System.

See how the EcoFoot5D met the density requirements and enabled this installation by SolarGaines to move forward quickly.

5 Simple Components. 6 Easy Installation Steps. 1 Sweet System.

Elegant Installation, Right Out of the Box.

Organized Work Flow and Preassembled Parts

When you’re on the roof, you need ready-to-go components and a simple install. That’s why installers prefer the EcoFoot Modular Platform: Bases self-align and parts are preassembled, requiring no PV panel preparation, which provides non-stop installation from box to roof.

Built on the Industry-Preferred EcoFoot® Platform, with More than 200MW installed.
Only with EcoFoot Modular.

Now, EcoFoot5D delivers the elegant installation process only EcoFoot modular systems deliver and packs the array with 18.4% more power than a 10° system.

Installer-centric design provides unsurpassed advantages:
  • Simple, preassembled parts
  • Self-aligning Bases fall in line as modules are placed
  • Low-effort roof layout, just two chalk lines required
  • No PV panel prep, non-stop install from box to roof
  • Six simple installation steps
  • No training required – 5-minute learning curve

Get in on the EcoFoot5D Advantage.

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your bottom line and make your project installation simple, fast and trouble-free with the out-of-the-box simplicity of EcoFoot5D.

Contact our engineering support team for a full range of design services and project support from concept to completion. Get a specific project bid, schedule a product demo, or learn more about our simple, fast and cost-effective racking technology.

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Over 600MW of Ballasted and Rail-less Racking Installed.

birdseye view of large ecolibrium solar commercial project

Commercial Projects Gallery

Commercial Projects Gallery
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Residential Projects Gallery

Residential Projects Gallery

Technical Specifications

Flat-roof system: ballasted, attached, or hybrid
Base Materials
Black, ASA-PC, UL Listed Resin
Base Dimensions
16.7"L x 7"W x 6.2”H
Installed Weight
2.4 – 7.7 psf
Module Orientation
Tilt Angle
5° Landscape
Inter-Row Spacing
Roof Pitch
0° – 7°
4" x 8" x 16" roof paver (31.5 lbs. each)
Clamping Range
25 Years
Code Compliance
Certified to UL2703 Fire Class A for Type I and II modules, Bonding/Grounding, Mechanical Loading
Compliant with SEAOC seismic codes
Wind tunnel tested: 150 mph

Slip Sheets
Not required by Ecolibrium Solar. If required by roofer, use 10” x 20” under Base; 6” x 16” under Mid-Support.
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