EcoFoot2+, the fast, simple, universal ballasted solar racking system for commercial rooftops.


Solar Panel Flat Roof Racking System

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Fast install. Flexible system design. Lifetime reliability.

Fast Install, 3rd Party Verified

EcoFoot2+ is rated by DNV-GL with an impressive install speed of 13.5 modules per installer-hour.

System Validation & Reliability

Backed by industry leading third-party validation and in-house testing, EcoFoot2+'s mounting system is designed to last the entire life of your solar project.

Dedicated Product & Installation Support

Both our in-house team of product experts and our field-based team of installation trainers provide you dedicated support on your project.

EcoFoot2+'s solar panel mounting kits maximize roof capacity and minimize turnaround time through its modular design and optimized engineering process.

Quick Project Layout Turnaround Times

Solar project layouts completed within 2-3 days of request to support the project planning process.

Permit & Procurement Package for You

Provide the basic project specs and the expert team of Ecolibrium Solar designers will do the rest. The resulting package is permit and procurement ready.

Meeting the Strictest Project Requirements

Stamped engineering package designed within 3-4 days of request to meet even the strictest project requirement.

Simplified & Optimized Solar Racking Component Design

EcoFoot2+'s pre-assembled components and simple installation process ensure your project timelines and labor targets are met.


The base is the hub of the ballasted mounting system. The optimized shape is lightweight, roof friendly, and can be quickly positioned on the roof.


The pre-assembled clamp connects the modules to the rack base. The integrated ground and universal nature speeds the installation process.


The deflector simply bolts on to the pre-assembled clamp and helps reduce wind loads on the racking system. The deflector carries the UL2703 validated ground path from both the modules and all racking components in each row.

Finished Array

The EcoFoot2+ solar panel mounting system provides a structurally rigid and electrically connected array while simplifying the installation process.

Discover Pure Performance with EcoFoot2+ Ballasted Racking System

Why take our word for it? See how easy it is to install EcoFoot2+ and key features noted by installer Ecology Solar.

Watch an overview of EcoFoot2+ components, installation process, and system benefits.

Technical Specifications

Solar Mounting System
Flat-roof system: ballasted, attached, or hybrid
Base Materials
Black, ASA-PC, UL Listed Resin
Base Dimensions
26.5″ L x 18.25″ W x 8.3″ H
Landscape and Portrait
Clamping Range
Tilt Angle
5° – 10°
Inter-Row Spacing
Roof Pitch
0° – 7°
Ballast Requirements
4" x 8" x 16" roof paver (31.5 lbs. each)
Installed Weight
3 – 7 psf
25 Years
Code Compliance
UL 2703, Bonding/Grounding, Mechanical Loading, Fire Class A for Type I and II modules
Compliant with SEAOC Seismic Codes.
Wind Tunnel Tested for 150 mph
Structurally Tested

Slip sheets
Not required by Ecolibrium Solar. If required by roofer, use 20"x29" under Base.

EcoFoot2+ Technical Support

Download install guides, spec sheets, and product validation documents at the EcoFoot2+ tech support page.

EcoFoot2+ Technical Support Page

Past Projects

The EcoFoot solar panel mounting and racking system product line has been successfully deployed on hundreds of commercial rooftops around the world. View our commercial project gallery to see some completed projects.

What people are saying

  • "The best product at the lowest price without sacrificing performance."

    Dovetail Solar
    Athens, OH
  • "We found the EcoFoot to be a solution that was very versatile and went with the contours of the roof without penetrating the surface."

    Synapse Electric
    San Francisco, CA
  • "Install went great, and our crew liked the simplicity of the product."

    Harmon Solar
    Phoenix, AZ

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