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EcoX Residential Rail-less Racking System

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EcoX is the next generation rail-less racking system from Ecolibrium Solar. With pre-assembled components, EcoX is optimized for a fast and simple installation process.

Faster, Easier Installation

Modules drop in from above and there is never a need to walk on modules. Pre-assembled components and quick connections make EcoX easy to install.

Industry Leading Validation

EcoX is fully certified to UL2703 including grounding and bonding, mechanical loading, and fire resistance. This ensures a code compliant, robust solution designed to last the life of the project.

Dedicated Support

From our in house team of product experts to our field based team of installation trainers, Ecolibrium Solar is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support.

Install with Flexibility. See how easily EcoX Rail-less installs on any roof.

Here’s why EcoX is designed so there is no need to walk or kneel on PV panels. Watch this NREL video to see silicon solar cells crack when walked on.

Smart design and efficient layout options help fit more panels on the roof.

Fit more modules on a roof

Modules can be installed in portrait and landscape, aligned or offset. Optimizing layouts helps fit more modules on the roof.

Introducing EcoX Tile Hook

Easily attach EcoX Rail-less Racking on tile roofs with Standard or Low Height EcoX Tile Hook and Replacement Flashing.
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Use EcoX Estimator to get your design package

EcoX Estimator is a powerful racking system design tool. The user inputs all site conditions and can layout multiple roof surfaces. The output is a site specific design package with engineering specs and bill of materials.

Installer-centric system cuts labor, parts and installation hassles

Trim Labor Costs

Patented, hold-open Clamp enables one person to drop-in panels. No walking on or reaching over panels prevents damage to solar cells which can reduce output over time.

Reduce Attachments by 33%

Get the cost-saving advantage of fewer parts and no rails. Spend less on parts, transporting and installing. Use in landscape or portrait with no extra components.

Keep Your Job on Schedule

EcoX Rail-Less installation means rough inspections are no longer needed. Online permitting package proven to pass plan review and inspection the first time with no resubmissions.

Rail-less Racking, Now Compatible with Tile Roofs

EcoX tile bases are compatible with a range of common tile roof attachments, including tile hooks, replacement tiles, and stand-offs.


EcoX tile bases are compatible with a range of common tile roof attachments, including tile hooks, replacement tiles, and stand-offs.


Junction box brackets and conduit mounting brackets connect directly to EcoX components. This eliminates additional attachments needed to route cables off the roof,


EcoX tile solutions are compatible with skirt and skirt-free options. Both options create a beautiful, finished array.

Skirt or Skirt-Free

Skirt or Skirt-Free options create a clean, finished look for a beautiful solar array.


The skirt covers the downhill edge of the array, creating a clean, finished look. The skirt also aids the installation process by setting a straight position to start the array.


End Clamps and Couplings provide a finished look without the skirt. The End Clamp and Coupling can also be used on the uphill edge of the array.


Both Skirt-Free and Skirt solutions tuck attachments under the array, eliminating rails and resulting in a beautiful array.

Wire management made easy

Simple components provide options to organize and support wires throughout the rail-less array.


Mounts common micro-inverter and power optimizers directly to the module flange. Prep modules on the ground for the fastest install on the roof.


Options to support wires from the module frame or directly from EcoX rail-less components. Can be used to prep modules, or route PV wires before laying the next row of modules.


Options to support conduit from the EcoX base, or directly from the module. This eliminates the need for additional roof attachments just to route conduit.

Junction box bracket

Support junction boxes directly off the EcoX base. The universal design is compatible with most Jboxes, and can be mounted uphill for easy access, or downhill for a clean, finished look.

Fast Installation Process

Rail-less racking installs faster than traditional rail-based racking systems. In this series of videos, we compared our Skirt and Skirt-Free EcoX systems to a typical rail-based system. Each video includes all installation steps, including drilling pilot holes, attaching to the roof, building racking, installing power optimizers, mounting modules, all wiring, and all bonding of the system. Check out the videos to see the results.

EcoX Estimator

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Optimized Component Design

Simple, pre-assembled components support an efficient installation process.

Clamp & Attachment Kit

The attachment kit lags into the roof rafters and sets the foundation to support the array. Adjustability in all directions adds flexibility.


The coupling connects neighboring modules together and creates a rigid, interconnected structure.


The optional skirt provides and clean, finished look at the edge of the array.

Finished Array

EcoX components and modules are installed together, creating a reliable, structurally sound array. Integrated grounding connects modules and components as they are installed.

Technical Specifications

Flush-mount system
Aluminum with Stainless Hardware
Flashing Validation
ICC-ES AC286/UL441 Rain Test for Roof Flashing
Grounding/Bonding Certification
UL2703 Certified - see installation modules for official modules approvals
Landscape and Portrait
Tilt Angle
Flush to roof
Roof Pitch
0-90 degrees
Mechanical Load Certification
UL2703 Certified - see installation modules for official modules approvals
1" vertical range, 3.5" Up/downhill, unlimited side to side
15 Years
Attach to rafter with lag screw
Fire Resistance Validation
UL2703/1703 Certified, Class A, Type 1 and 2 Modules

EcoX Technical Support

Download install guides, spec sheets, and product validation documents at the EcoX tech support page.

EcoX Technical Support Page

Project Gallery

Visit the Project Gallery to see more EcoX project applications.

Design your project

The EcoX estimator is a powerful design tool. Simply enter site-specific inputs, complete the layout, and the estimator will prepare a complete, permit ready design package.

EcoX Estimator

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