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Simple, Low-Cost Rail-less Racking for
Industrial and Agricultural Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Homes

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Lowest Cost per Watt. Fastest Install.

The entire MetalX racking system consists of small components that are easy to ship, transport, load onto the roof and install.

  • No rails needed.
  • Components fit every module thickness.
  • Any module can be installed on every metal roof.
  • 300kW of racking fits on a single pallet
  • Fast, simple installation at the lowest cost per watt for industrial, commercial and residential metal rooftops.
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Fits Every Metal Roof


XClamp + S-5! CorruBracket™ 100T

Standing Seam

XClamp + Seam Mount


XClamp + S-5! RibBracket I-IV™

No Costly Rails. Maximized Spans.
73% Less Aluminum to Haul and Install.

Only MetalX
  • Enables module drop-in from above for faster, safer installation
  • Fits 30 - 50mm module frame thickness
  • Simple system consists of XClamps, EcoX Coupling plus roof attachments
  • Couplings reduce attachments and support maximized spans
  • Utilizes EcoX Universal technology, the No. 1 Rail-Less Racking System with more than 500MW installed nationwide

Skip the Rails, Cut the Costs

Core Components Speed Installation,
Accessories Simplify Wire Management


XClamp secures modules to metal roof attachments for corrugated, standing seam or R-panel and provides pre-installed Bond Clips.


Preassembled Coupling joins modules structurally and electrically, creating continuous structure and integrated bonding.

Power Accessory Bracket

Accessory option that easily attaches and bonds micro-inverters and power optimizers to module frame.

Make Homeruns with Ease

Optional PV Cable Clips snap onto onto XClamps, Couplings, and module frames to organize and secure array wires.

Metal Roof Racking Simplified

Watch MetalX in action. With 73% less aluminum, the simple design delivers the lowest cost per watt racking and is easy all the way around.

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